The SB159 Black صندل عربي راقي

SB159 Black

$ 790,00

    • الألوان المتاحة: أسود
    • الخامة: جلد عجل درجة أولى
    • نمط: صندل عربي راقي
    • طريقة الصنع: جلد

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          • الألوان المتاحة: أسود
          • الخامة: جلد عجل درجة أولى
          • نمط: صندل عربي راقي
          • طريقة الصنع: جلد

شحن مجاني لجميع أنحاء العالم والعودة

The SB159 is the new expression of the SB by Stefano Borella statement, proposed inside the upper of the most essential article inside a royal outfit: the sandal. This traditional slipper shows the first historical Stefano Borella Logo in its external side and the themes “A classic out of ordinary”, “unique”, “prestigious leather” lasered on the upper. These details create a complex but harmonious interweaving of lasered lines that, together with the shiny “SB” branded metal buckle, give uniqueness to this model. The upper is enhanced by the stunning looking and classicism of our hand coloring process: the leather used for the realization of this slipper is a high-grade white calfskin leather, that is then artisanally hand-painted to represent the Italian craftmanship tradition intrinsic in the brand Stefano Borella. The Premium materials used give lightness and an absolute luxury construction to this Arabic sandal. This blend makes this slipper a wearable painting, to dress even during the most important events. This luxurious and comfortable sandal is 100% hand-made in Italy by our artisans.
The wedge is made of cork, then coated with hand-painted leather, and provides optimal stability while walking. The new rubber bottom representing the sleek SB by Stefano Borella logo makes your new high-end luxury pair of Arabic slippers elegant, even while leaving your footsteps on the ground. At the same time, this outsole guarantees a great grip on every surface.
This special model is realized only upon request, and the waiting time for this artisanal product is 55 days.

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