The SB163 Oak Brown صندل عربي راقي

SB163 Oak Brown

$ 635,43

    • الألوان المتاحة: بني بلوطي
    • الخامة: جلد عجل درجة أولى
    • نمط: صندل عربي راقي
    • طريقة الصنع: جلد

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          • الألوان المتاحة: بني بلوطي
          • الخامة: جلد عجل درجة أولى
          • نمط: صندل عربي راقي
          • طريقة الصنع: جلد

شحن مجاني لجميع أنحاء العالم والعودة

The SB163, the new expression of the SB by Stefano Borella statement, proposed inside the upper of the sandal, the most essential article inside a royal outfit.
The first historical Stefano Borella Logo combined with our themes “A classic out of ordinary”, “unique”, “prestigious leather” are lasered on the upper, which is also enhanced by the stunning looking and classicity of our hand coloring process.
This blend makes this sandal a wearable painting, to dress during the most important events. This luxurious and comfort sandal is 100% hand-made in Italy by our artisans.
The exclusive SB+ outsole proposes a radical change in the traditional Arabic Sandals manufacture, with its incredible long-lasting quality that avoid the usual consumption over the outsole edges.
Particular attention is given to the choice of the leather. Selected with great care, help to give our products their special ultra-refined quality. Smooth and comfortable wearing experience with soft leather insole and sturdy rubber outsole for extra grip.

شحن مجاني

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ملاءمة مثاليّة

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الإرجاع والتّبديل

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