The SB214 Red Blade سنيكرز

SB214 Red Blade

$ 693,80

    • الألوان المتاحة: أحمر بلايد
    • ثوب: First Choice Calf Leather + Fabric
    • نمط: سنيكرز
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    • الألوان المتاحة: أحمر بلايد
    • ثوب: First Choice Calf Leather + Fabric
    • نمط: سنيكرز

شحن مجاني لجميع أنحاء العالم والعودة!

The SB214 is a way of reimagining the classic Arabic Sandal: putting its upper on a sneaker, to give to the traditional slipper a new casual and versatile version. At the top, the blend between fabric and leather, together with the high-quality metal buckle, is what make this sneaker simply so good-looking. The fabric that composes the upper is realized with the most innovative knitting technologies, starting from a high-quality yarn to reach the perfect combination between aesthetic beauty, elasticity and durability. As regards to the leather, instead, it is used a high-grade white full-grain calfskin leather, that is then artisanally hand-painted to represent the Italian craftmanship tradition intrinsic in the brand Stefano Borella. The Premium materials used give lightness and an absolute luxury construction to this sneaker. Going down, an extralight rubber outsole makes this model very light and comfortable. This special outsole is totally handmade, and there is a great artisanal work behind every pair of outsoles to combine all the layers, stacked and carefully beveled to obtain the perfect shape. An amazingly comfortable fitting and walk is guaranteed during all day. The article is 100% made in Italy, and it is very good for the ones that want to be sporty, young and always in movement, without sacrificing the style. The insoles are replaceable, and the new rubber bottom representing the sleek SB by Stefano Borella logo makes your new high-end luxury pair of shoes elegant, even while leaving your footsteps on the ground. The SB214 model is patented.

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