SB the brand created by Stefano Borella is the symbol of men's shoes of excellent quality. A Classic but unique style.

Stefano Borella grown up into the world of shoes;

His career began in the 80s , after an experience in ARSUTORIA, one of the most important school for design, he started from the simplest tasks in the factory learning one by one all the process of the shoe maker, improving his skills from the technical to the fashion design.

After Stefano developed designs and collections for the most famous brand in the world, realized his dream: a line of classic shoes that carries his name.

"These are models - he explains - characterized by an extreme attention to every detail. All the products are handmade in Italy following the tradition, reinvented thanks to an incredible work on finishing. The leathers (calf French and Italian in particular) are processed and colored by hand. Stefano Borella collezioni is a classic out of ordinary."                                               

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