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In a time in which style is very important, the Stefano Borella collection wants to focus on the details that makes the difference in an outfit.
Stefano Borella shoes are elegant shoes that could be wear for a ceremony and also with a casual look, to be always contemporary and recognizable in every situation.
The hallmark of our shoes is the work of Our artisans that paint this piece by hand following the tradition, turning it into a piece of art.

Best sellers
michelangelo brown handcrafted shoesmichelangelo redblade 2
Michelangelo Brown
$ 496,00
dali' brown handcrafted shoesdalì redblade 2
Dalì Brown
$ 335,00
miro' nero def handcrafted shoesmirò cuoio 2
Mirò Nero
$ 550,00
$ 550,00
michelangelo cuoio handcrafted shoesmichelangelo redblade 2
Michelangelo Cuoio
$ 496,00
picasso cuoio handcrafted shoespicasso cuoio 2
Picasso Cuoio
$ 496,00
michelangelo blue handcrafted shoesmichelangelo redblade 2
Michelangelo Blue
$ 496,00
botticelli blue handcrafted shoesbotticelli red blade (1)
Botticelli Blue
$ 496,00
gaudi' cuoio handcrafted shoesgaudì cuoio 2
Gaudi' Cuoio
$ 496,00
van gogh brown handcrafted shoesvan gogh redblade 2
Van Gogh Brown
$ 550,00
tiziano nero handcrafted shoestiziano nero 2
Tiziano Nero
$ 496,00
cintura cuoio1cintura cuoio2
Top class belt Cuoio
$ 155,00
monet red sb1monet yellow (2)
Monet Red SB
$ 355,00
sportbelt redsportbelt red 2
Sport Belt Red SB
$ 155,00
caravaggio brown 1caravaggio blu capri 2
Caravaggio Brown
$ 496,00
giotto cuoio 1giotto cuoio 2jpg
Giotto Cuoio
$ 496,00
friedrich blu capri 1friedrich rosso sb 2
Friedrich Blue Capri
$ 550,00
pierre st.chicco 1pierre brown suede 2
Pierre Cuoio
$ 550,00
clarissa rosa 1clarissa rosa 1
Clarissa Pale Pink
$ 399,00
clarissa black sb edition 1clarissa black sb edition 1
Clarissa Nero SB Edition
$ 430,00


SB the brand created by Stefano Borella is the symbol of men's shoes of excellent quality. A Classic but unique style...