The Top Class Leather Trolley

Top Class Leather Trolley

$ 5.457,91

  • Available colors: Oak Brown
  • Material: Full-grain calfskin leather
  • Oak Brown
  • Available colors: Oak Brown
  • Material: Full-grain calfskin leather


The Top Class Trolley is the epitome of luxury and functionality, crafted to meet the needs of discerning travelers. The sleek design of this suitcase exudes sophistication, making it a standout piece whether you’re navigating bustling airports or checking into a five-star hotel. The leather not only provides an elegant appearance but also ensures durability, promising to age gracefully and develop a unique patina over time. The material used for its upper is the highest quality full-grain calfskin leather, and its colors and shades are entirely hand-painted by our artisans starting from a white “crust” hide. The characteristic hand-painting and the sinuous interweaving of our brand’s theme lasered on the leather are the features that give to this suitcase its halo of classicism. Inside, the Top Class Trolley is wisely designed to maximize organization and convenience. The spacious interior features multiple compartments, including a dedicated section for garments to keep your clothes wrinkle-free, and zippered pockets for smaller essentials such as toiletries, electronics, and documents. The high-quality fabric lining adds an extra layer of protection inside this travel bag for your belongings, while the sturdy zippers and reinforced corners guarantee longevity and resilience against the rigors of travel. Ergonomically designed, this suitcase boasts a telescopic handle and smooth-rolling “SB” branded wheels for effortless maneuverability, ensuring that you can traverse any terrain with ease. This luggage also includes secure, TSA-approved locks, providing peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure. With its perfect blend of elegance, durability, and practicality, the Top Class Trolley is an essential companion for both business and leisure travelers. Its timeless design and premium craftsmanship make it not just a travel accessory, but a statement piece that reflects the traveler’s impeccable taste.

Product dimensions in cm: 57 x 36 x 24

Product dimensions in inches: 22,4 x 14,1 x 9,4

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